Lopeman-Potts Post 67, Bridgton, Department of Maine

   Post History

                                                                                                     1947 - Present                                                                                 

Since the end of the Second World War, the Lopeman-Potts Post 67 has continued to support the community, and veteran projects. Bridgton's American Legion has participated in many parades, and has sent many local residents to Dirigo State. Since 1963, the Post has been situated on Depot Street, in a building with a long history. The building has had many uses, such as a storage building for the Bridgton business Wales and Hamblen, to a machine shop operated by Asaph Walker Jr.  Bridgton's Post 67 has participated in many parades and dedication. 

As the future arrives, history passes on. On June 5, 1991, Sergeant Lawrence A. Thomes, then living in Massachusetts, passed away at the age of 94. He was Lopeman Pott's last World War One member, having been a member of the post for over 68 years, as of 1987. Although this severed Post 67's last tie to the World War One generation, the memory of the conflict, and its' veterans, are still remembered today.

Lopeman Potts Post 67 continued to welcome the next generation of veterans, such as men and women from the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Lebanon and Grenada came in the 80s, and the Post welcomed veterans home after the First Persian Gulf War.

On November 10, 1991, after ongoing planning and fundraising efforts throughout the year, Post 67 helped to dedicate the All Wars Memorial that stands on the corner of Depot and Main Street.  

In January 2019, the Post began a great revitizaltion campaign of the Depot Street building, after years of deterioration. The main floor was emptied, rubbish was taken out, and restoration work began. Many fundraisers were held throughout 2019, culminating in a 100 year Legion anniversary ball that November. Throughout Covid 19, Lopeman Potts Post 67 continued its' efforts of revitalization and outreach. In October, Post 67 welcomed the American Legion National Commander Bill Oxford for our rededication ceremony.

There is still much history to be made by the Post, and work to be done. Membership is always a priority. Efforts to preserve the second floor and basement are underway, and work around the building needs to be done. However, it is the hope of this post that the Bridgton community, veteran and civilian, will continue to aid our progress, and make history with us.